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Special attention is shown to the entire plenum, including all filters tracks removing all traces of grease

Whether you are in need of a Hood Cleaning also referred to as a Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning, Grexen  guarantees your cleaning will meet fire code and health department standards and we prove it with geo-tagged before and after photo verification which are e-mailed to you after every cleaning for ultimate customer confidence.  ​

Our Experience

​Our skilled hood cleaning technicians are professional, reliable and are trained to handle any challenge. Our customers include over 1,000 local restaurants, hotels, hospitals, major universities and sports stadiums. We pride ourselves in providing absolute quality and if government institutions such as the EPA, the US Treasury and Governors Mansion's trust us to take care of their Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning needs then you can feel assured that we can take care of your establishment needs too. 

Pioneering Technologies

Grexen is a pioneer in quality hood cleaning utilizing state of the art steamcleaning technologies. We are able to clean cleaner & faster than traditional methods coupled with environmentally conscious cleaning methodologies making Grexen Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning® the clear choice for your Hood Cleaning needs. We are proud to be the first company in the USA to utilize state of the art Robotic Duct cleaning technology that allows us to clean areas of duct networks that have previously been impossible to clean with conventional methods. 

Restaurant Hood Cleaning & Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Specialists


With our quality of work and reputation, backed by satisfied restaurant operators and being proudly recognized by fire marshal's, inspectors and insurance companies from around Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana; it's no wonder why Grexen® has become the regions most trusted, referred and preferred kitchen exhaust hood cleaner.

How can we help?

​The first step in doing business with GreXen is to schedule a free kitchen exhaust photo-inspection. The inspection will assess and document the systems current condition and make recommendations to bring the system back to fire code safety standards.

Simply click the 'Contact us' button at the top of the page and leave us your best contact information or call 1-855-GREXEN-1 and we will be delighted to assist you. 


1) Book your free system inspection​

​​​ conducted by a certified inspector takes approximately 30 minutes. You will then receive your photographic report of your systems condition, any deficiencies or hazards if they exist, and a competitive estimate to clean your Hood Exhaust system. ​

​​​2) Schedule your hood cleaning. ​​​

Grexen® will return your system to NFPA 96 standards, Fire Code, health department and  local regulations. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. ​​​


​​With over 30 years of working with similar hood cleaning companies I have never been more impressed than with the attention to detail / quality work performed by Grexen.

                    - Bob Sears

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Grexen's Robotic Duct Cleaning technology in Action

Robotic kitchen exhaust duct cleaning is the biggest technological advancement in our industry in over 50 years. Grexen was the first company in the US to invest in its promise, and for good reason. As the construction of building's become larger and large the more challenging it becomes to remove grease condensation from kitchen exhaust systems. Above is a duct in a popular shopping mall which posed a major fire risk.

Grexen's robotic duct cleaning technology, imported from Europe, restored over 75ft of 20 year old carbonized grease to bare metal in under 3 days.  

Grexen's Full Service Fan Sales Division 

On-Site Fan Repairs, Fabrication, Installation 24/7 Emergency Service

Grexen Filter Exchange Program

OUR CLEAN FILTERS IN YOUR HOODS. We Clean them, we maintain them, we replace them. It's that easy.
Never deal with the hassle, expense of cleaning, replacing and maintaining your hood filters ever again.
Our factory cleaned filters delivered, exchanged and installed at a frequency thats right for you.  





In most cases the Grease containment unit is too small as is the case in the above photo. In this example the unit has fallen off and is too small to hold the grease this system produces causing a grease spill covering a 100 sq. ft area


  1. A large volume unit is installed 

  2. A highly absorbent grease-only pillow is installed

  3. Monthly monitoring and pillow replacement ensures that grease never gets out of control.  


A Grease Containment unit is your first line of defense in capturing and holding grease that accumulates in the fan. The problem… as is the case of any container, is that they overflow when they get too full. Whats worse is that they are out of site so you don’t know you have a problem until it’s too late. 


Grexen’s monthly rooftop management program ensures that this never happens to you. By enrolling in Grexen’s monthly rooftop management program we install an appropriately sized unit in combination with our cutting edge grease absorption pillows and inspect the system monthly to ensure that everything is performing as it should. 

Our pillows are:

  • made from recycled hydrophobic materials absorbing 10 times its weight

  • 100% biodegradable grease neutralizers render the grease harmless

  • Only grease is absorbed, allowing water to pass through while keeping your roof uncontaminated.


Each month, before the pillow becomes over-saturated and overflows, Grexen removes the  saturated pillow, empties grease-waste and replaces a fresh absorption pillow ensuring that your roof is grease-free leaving your roof protected from the harmful exposure of grease fatty acids


Monthly Service fee includes:

  • Grease Containment Unit (Sized to your volume)

  • Monthly Hydrophobic  Pillow Replacement

  • Roof cleanup if needed 

  • Grease neutralizer application

  • Excl. initial roof restoration, and applicable sales tax

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