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GREXEN is GREEN's the right thing to do


STEAM Pressure Washers eliminate the use of Caustic Chemicals


Especially with the advancement in steam and hot water pressure washers, the need for caustic chemicals has been completely eradicated. The 270 degree steam substantially softens the grease and washes it away. The EPA (Environmental Protection Association) is beginning to clamp down significantly on the use of these chemicals and is even threatening to fine restaurants caught with hood cleaners spraying filters outside of the establishment allowing contaminated water to run off into sewer systems.    


The Grexen® environmental commitment:

  1.  We contain and properly dispose of grease waste by filtering water run-off, including while cleaning the fans on the roof.       Proprietary filtration systems ensure that no grease makes it's way onto the rooftop, gutters or surrounding areas.

  2. We conserve 50% of typical water consumption with steam pressure washers that use significantly lower water volumes while cleaning and sterilizing to the highest standards. This effort saves over 1 000 000 gallons of water per year.​

  3. Using modern methods and state of the art technologies, we are able to offer a higher standard of clean, ​while being responsibly Green.

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