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​​After 20 years in the restaurant industry I finally have a hood cleaner worthy of recommendation.

Grexen photographed the system before and after the cleaning. Never has our system been cleaned so thoroughly. The company's intention is long term success; the quality of their work proves this.

All cooking equipment was properly covered during the cleaning and the floor was cleaned when the job was completed. I will use no one else and highly recommend ​Grexen Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning to everyone.

- Guy B

​​With over 30 years of working with similar hood cleaning companies I have never been more impressed than with the attention to detail / quality work performed by Grexen.

 Bob Sears

I have had several hood cleaners over the years and this is the first company that has actually done what they said they were going to do, and provided pictures to prove it. It has made a tremendous difference in the efficiency my hood system.


I would like to give my personal and professional recommendation to Grexen Hood Cleaning for any work regarding hood cleaning. Over the past 3 years I have used Grexen/Ecobryt at 3 different locations. In each of those locations Grexen's team was able to show me in detail the safety and cleanliness problems that had not been addressed by my previous hood cleaners.
I have found that by using Grexen, that I have saved money because they do such a through job we need cleanings less often. Most importantly as an operator directly responsible for the safety and security of my guest, associates, and property I feel Grexen provides piece of mind that the job was done right. I was appalled by the job previous vendors had done in removing grease from ducts.
Lastly I would like to reference the commitment to quality customer service that Karl and his team has given. They are not a one man shop with a pressure washer, they are a professional company providing professional service and product. I would whole heartily recommend Karl and his team to anyone needing hood cleaning or restoration.


- Alex Blust
  Thunderdome Restaurant Group
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