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"Leverage our unmatched experience in fan setup and installation, honed through servicing over 25,000 restaurants. We possess an unrivaled understanding of what it takes to keep it impeccably clean & fire Safe!"

"At Grexen, we're more than just a team - we're specialists. With a rich history in commercial kitchen exhaust fan installation and having cleaned over 25,000 restaurants, we've truly seen it all. We hold the key to setting up your system for optimal safe and effective cleaning. Our expertise ensures the longevity, safety, and efficiency of your kitchen ventilation system.


Proficient in NFPA 96 fire code requirements, our team is equipped to install your exhaust fan with an ideal hinge system. This allows for secure and effortless access to fan blades and ductwork. We also prioritize the installation of top-tier grease containment systems, preventing any roof spills. These critical areas are often overlooked by most mechanical companies, but not us. We understand their significance and ensure they are handled with care. 


Moreover, we're able to provide you with an economical, yet complete setup. Our bulk purchases for our hood cleaning clientele allow us to avail discounts that others simply can't. This means you get the best service at a significantly reduced cost.


Our Master HVAC technician will personally inspect your location, crafting recommendations based on your unique needs. These suggestions are then sent to our engineers to determine precise airflow and air balance requirements. The technician and his team diligently install your fan in compliance with all local codes and regulations. Furthermore, we offer comprehensive follow-up maintenance services to ensure your system continues to operate seamlessly.


It's essential to note that many restaurant exhaust fans fail to meet all NFPA 96 fire code and OSHA requirements due to the installers' lack of experience in proper cleaning. That's where we differ. We've highlighted key aspects to consider for minimal downtime and maximum lifespan of your fan. Trust us to deliver an exhaust system that not only meets but exceeds your expectations."


Specialized Hinges

Custom Grease Containment

Fan Curb modification 

Minimized Downtime 

Proper hinges protect the thin alluminum from shearing under the weight of the fan over time and is the leading cause of fan degradatuion over time and can shorten the life a=of a fan by half.

Grease Containment Systems are not created equal. Grease overflows standard systems in and can cause serious roof damage. We install all our fans with handpicked systems that match the restaurant volume and grease type. Yes.. every restaurants type of cooking changes the consistency of the grease collected in the fan. Our grease absorbtion pillows are state of the art and neutralize the hazardous properties of the grease, and trap the grease inside. For high volume clients we arrange for monthly pillow exchanges ensurin that grease never gets on your roof

Fan Curbs need to be made to fit the fan in such a way that it can be properly opened and cleaned. There are affordable conversions we can make to just about any fan configuaration so that the fan blades can be properly cleaned and the duct can be accessed from above. This is where our expertise really comes in handy and we can ensure that even the most tricky setups work teh way they are supposed too.

We pre-prep your fan at our shop complete with electrical whips, jucntion boxes, hinges and the crucial fan access ports that allow the blades to be cleaned on both sides keeping the wheel balanced like it came from the factory. This minimizes installation time down to an hour or two iin most cases.

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